The Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood and the School of Islamic and Arabic Studies was founded in 1964. Incorporated in 1967, The M.I.B. is the lineal descendant of the Muslim Mosque Inc. started by El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) in 1964 after his departure from the Nation of Islam. The founders of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood had been members of the M.M.I. The following is taken from their website:

“It is also our expressed purpose to create an indigenous Islamic intelligentsia, thereby reserving the right to look to ourselves for Islamic scholarship and leadership, because it is our belief, that by the sincere expression of the words Allahu Akbar (Allah is Supreme), an individual must look within him or herself, and from that place find the answer to their prayers."

"Allah is our goal

The Prophet Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah is our leader

The Qu’ran is our constitution

Jihad is our way

And death in the way of Allah is our promised end."


Malcolm X spent much of the time between March 1964 and February 1965 overseas. In his absence, Shaykh-‘Allama Al-Hajj K. Ahmad Tawfiq served as one of the de facto leaders of Muslim Mosque, Inc. Malcolm X was assassinated soon after his return from overseas. Shaykh Ahmed Tawfiq was one of the beneficiaries of 20 scholarships to Azhar University granted to Malcolm X during his 1964 trip to Egypt. He was given discretion to extend the scholarships to whomever he pleased. The Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood attempted to provide an organizational bridge for African American Muslims who had been attracted to the orthodox teachings of Islam and the evolving political philosophy of Malcolm X. It was in the heart of New York’s Black community, Harlem.


The Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood was one of the anchors in New York’s African American Muslim community for about 25 years. Its members wore symbols of Black Nationalism like red, black, and patches on their clothing. Probably because of the experience of Malcolm X with the Nation of Islam, the group was uncompromising in declaring that the NOI did not represent True Islam.  Malcom X took the bold and open path of struggle against false beliefs about Islam within the NOI and gave his life. His life illuminated the path for millions in future generations to embrace the Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saallahu alaihi was salaam), including members of MIB, Dar-ul-Islam, and Islamic Party in North America.


o   While the Mosque is based on True teachings of The Qur’an and Sunnah, due to its one race leadership and membership, it lacks racial diversity and has been so since its inception over fifty years ago.

o   The leadership of the Mosque remained local and was not able to launch a national Islamic movement.

o   Leaders and followers of Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood, Dar-ul-Islam Movement, The Islamic Party in North America and the organization under the leadership of Imam W.D. Mohammed failed to establish meaningful cooperative relationships and alliances.


o    There are  immigrants dominated Muslim organizations which are mostly race-based and continue to lack racial diversity in the same way as Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood? Can they learn from the past and present of the Mosque or Islamic Brotherhood?

o   The Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood established an herbal tea room as more than an organizational business venture, but as a social gathering place for the exchange of ideas discussions about Islam, and comradery.  Establish “soft” dawah and social centers, like tea rooms, to exchange ideas and information with other Muslims and non-Muslims in a relaxed environment.